All Love Surrogacy Gestational Carrier Screening Process

All Love Surrogacy understands the immense responsibility of selecting and matching Gestational Carriers with Intended Parents.
Our screening process for potential carriers is rigorous and meticulous, including thorough background checks, professional review of medical records, and psychological assessments conducted to ensure the carrier’s overall stability and emotional well-being.
Experienced ALS professionals engage in in-depth interviews, considering motivations, support systems, and personal values to gauge the carrier’s commitment and readiness for the surrogacy process.

We follow a thorough screening process to ensure the suitability of gestational carriers:

By conducting a rigorous and thorough screening process, All Love Surrogacy selects only the best gestational carriers who are physically healthy, emotionally stable, and committed to the surrogacy journey. This process helps minimize potential risks and enhances the chances of a successful and harmonious surrogacy experience for all parties involved.

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Application and Interview:

All Love requires potential gestational carriers to complete an application form providing their personal details, medical history, lifestyle information, and reasons for becoming a gestational carrier. We then conduct an initial interview to gather more information and assess their motivation, understanding of the process, and commitment.

Medical and reproductive health evaluation:

The potential gestational carrier undergoes a comprehensive medical evaluation, including a physical examination and a review of their medical records. This assessment aims to identify any pre-existing medical conditions or reproductive issues that may impact their ability to carry a pregnancy successfully.

Psychological Evaluation:

A mental health professional conducts a thorough psychological evaluation of the gestational carrier. This evaluation assesses their mental and emotional well-being, stability, understanding of the emotional aspects of surrogacy, and ability to cope with the process. The mental health professional will also explore the carrier’s support system and their motivations for becoming a surrogate.

Background Checks:

Background checks are performed on potential gestational carriers to ensure they are free of any criminal records. This step helps safeguard the interests of intended parents and ensures the safety and well-being of the child.

Home Visit:

A representative from the agency conducts a home visit either in person or virtually to assess the carrier’s living environment and ensure it is suitable for the well-being of the carrier and any potential child. This visit also provides an opportunity to address any concerns or questions that may arise.

Legal and financial review:

We ensure that the gestational carrier has appropriate legal representation and reviews their understanding of the legal aspects and financial arrangements involved in surrogacy. This step helps protect the interests of all parties and ensures that the carrier fully comprehends their rights and responsibilities.

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