Illustration of a Pregnant Woman with Angel Wings on the Background of a Starry Sky

Why Is Surrogacy So fulfilling For the Gestational Carrier?

Women who seek out surrogacy often have a deep sense of empathy and compassion, which leads to a strong desire to help people. Surrogacy allows for an opportunity to do something amazing and deeply rewarding in helping build a family. Carrying a child for another family provides a profound sense of purpose and many surrogates find that the experience fosters personal growth due to a renewed sense of pride and purpose.There is also often a strong emotional reward for surrogates, as close bonds and connections can form with the intended parents resulting in lifelong friendships that are so unique.  

Another motivation for becoming a surrogate is the ability to provide for, and help your own family financially. The financial compensation a surrogate receives can bring stability and opportunities not only to the surrogate herself, but also her own spouse, children and/or other family members. Being able to achieve personal and financial goals also provides an additional source of satisfaction to those who act as surrogates. While financial compensation is not the primary motivation for many surrogates, it can certainly be a factor and should not be frowned upon as the surrogates dedicates an immense amount of time, effort and makes many sacrifices during a surrogacy journey. 

Ultimately, making the choice to become a surrogate leaves a priceless, lasting impact on many lives. Every surrogate’s experience is beautiful, unique and special in its own way. Though, there can be ups and downs during the process, but working with a reputable and experienced agency, whose coordinators have been through a surrogacy journey or have been intended parents themselves, can ensure proper education and guidance throughout your journey.  


Illustration of a Pregnant Woman with Angel Wings on the Background of a Starry Sky

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